Coiffure perpetual license

Florian Croquet
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Coiffure is an Epic MegaGrants Recipient ! 

Disclaimer: Coiffure need an internet connexion to be launched. It’s working for Maya 2018.6 and above

MAYA 2019 has an issue with the reading of the object's attributes please update to Maya 2019.3

Subscription License:

Monthly update VOL 5:

👉 Improved strand library: Now available 130 default strands created by  the talented Andrew Krivulya (

Monthly update VOL 4:

👉 Scalp baking, this feature helps you to quickly bake as a texture an xgen groom. This technique is a nice way to create short hair, beard, eyelashes etc.

Monthly update VOL 3:

👉 Coiffure file manager, delete or duplicate your file in few clics ! (Duplication not available for hairboard)

👉 New features for the Arnold manager to offer more possibilities! 

Monthly update VOL 2:

👉 Layer system, now you have to way to display your haircards: by strand texture (red section) or by layer (Blue section).

Monthly update VOL 1:

👉 Feather support, you can use Xgen and Coiffure to create feathers for your bird or angel characters !

👉 Rectangular support, you can now create and use rectangular texture inside Coiffure. New baking presets are added (2K * 1K, 4K * 2K etc) and the uv template can be switched from square to rectangular texture in one click.

👉 You can now duplicate a strand in the library to create new strands even more quickly.

Coiffure will handle all the tedious work of duplicating xgen files !


Coiffure for Maya will help you with your real-time hair work by simplifying and streamlining the Xgen workflow usually seen in game development..

Use its strand library to quickly create your textures in a few clicks!

Use its ribbon and UV template system to create your haircards in a matter of minutes !


Log into your gumroad account before your purchase if you want to have access to future updates.


Coiffure on Artstation:



-Expand your library, create your own strands with XGen and Coiffure.

-Get access to Coiffure’s strand library which will grow in time.

-Easily import any strands of your library in your texturing project.

-Swap your strand in one click to test new options.

-Reload your strand in one click to populate updates or cancel your modifications.

-Hair color presets for Arnold shader.

-Easily manage your shader assignment on each strand.

-Use the Arnold manager tab to bake among 10 AOV: Albedo, Alpha, Normal, Height, Occlusion, Flow, Gradients, RandomHair, Ucoords, Vcoords, DescId

-The Arnold manager allows to quickly set up you render settings and to bake everything or a selection of AOV.

-Automatic conversion of Xgen groom into polystrips or polytubes.

-Generate your UV template for any type of hair texture.

-Automatically generate your UV template with the UvBoxes

-Coiffure includes a custom ribbon system

-Coiffure’s ribbons are automatically oriented with the scalp normal meshes

-Coiffure’s ribbons can be duplicated and remain interactive

-Coiffure’s ribbon subdivision doesn’t break the uvs

-Coiffure’s ribbon brushes allow you to quickly place new ribbons on your scalp.

-Quickly edit haircards’ UV using the UV template

-Manage haircards’ viability base and its UV assignments.

-Transfert normals from a reference object onto your haircards

-Quick export tab to test your result easily

-UI Adjust for 1920HD monitor up to 4K monitor

-Scene can be saved and reloaded, Coiffure remains interactive

-Each step is iterative any change from a previous step can be updated in a few clicks

-Collaborative reviewing system

-Fully documented tooltips

-Youtube tutorial channel

-Wiki on my Artstation account

-Fine tuned UI with some cool looking effects (I know it’s not a feature but it think it’s pretty neat)



Wiki guide ->


Support and Feedback

You can contact me on my artstation page:

Or by email : florian_croquet{at}hotmail(dot)com


EULA (End User License Agreement)

You must read the following EULA before buying the tool

By purchasing, downloading, installing and using the tool, you automatically accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement



There are two types of license for Coiffure :

“Freelance License” means a License to Use Coiffure granted to either an individual, being or not a professional user, or a Legal entity, whether commercial or non-profit, with Revenue not exceeding US$100,000 during the prior fiscal year. Government entities may not subscribe to freelance Licenses.

“Studio License” means a License to Use Coiffure granted to a professional user, a commercial Legal Entity whether commercial or non-profit with annual Revenue above US$100,000 during the prior fiscal year, or Government entities.

Licenses can be installed on a single computer at a time for use by a single authorized user. If you wants to buy licenses for a team, you will consider buying a license per computer/user.

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Coiffure perpetual license

27 ratings
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